This Yoga Burn Review Exposes Real Secret For Burning Fat Quickly

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We all girls want to achieve perfect hourglass body shape, but it might seem impossible as we can’t spend hours and hours in gym

Yoga AdvantagesIf you are trying to lose weight for some time, then chances are you tried yoga, or you heard some celebrities and fitness personalities talking about the effectiveness of yoga. Girls who haven’t tried yoga believe yoga is not effective for weight loss. After all, we all been told the only way to lose weight is to perform hours and hours of grueling cardio… Right?


Doing hours of cardio is unrealistic for an average person, and more importantly, it is not an effective way to lose weight. According to scientists, an average woman burns 100 calories with half an hour of jog which is even less than calories in a chocolate donut. It is impossible to achieve our much desired an hourglass body shape with cardio alone.

The only and most efficient way to get a perfect body is to perform a workout that not only strengthens the core muscles but also boost the metabolism, and this is where yoga shines!! Yoga not only improves overall body shape but also increases the ability to burn fat.

One of the best yoga programs for women is….

Yoga Burn which is a DVD based yoga-workout plan created by professional yoga instructor Zoe Bray Cotton for every woman who wants to take benefit of yoga right from her home. You can do these workouts in your home saving you time, energy, money and all the hassle of going to a professional yoga studio.

Yoga Burn is home-based yoga program, but it doesn’t mean it is not as effective as other gym or studio program. This yoga program divided into three phases and every phase contains three different workouts. This program designed in such a way that it can take you from yoga novice to yoga pro provided you stick with this program till the end.

Let’s talk about its creator Zoe Bray Cotton…

Who is Zoe Bray Cotton?

Zoe Bray Cotton is the creator of Yoga Burn (also known as Her Yoga Secrets) program. She is a well-known personality in weight loss industry. We are amazed by her personality because she is the certificated yoga instructor, personal fitness trainer and more importantly female body transformation expert.

zoe-yoga-instructorZoe is a beautiful and charming person, and this is the reason she is in the world of beauty for many years. As a personal trainer, Zoe has helped many women to achieve their ideal body shape. Additionally, many women performed her Yoga Burn program to tone their muscles and lose weight. By creating Yoga Burn program, Zoe has provided a decent yoga program for women.

Zoe is not only beautiful but also a genius as well. She has dedicated her valuable time and efforts to creating this home-based yoga program for females. Yoga is a gentle workout as it doesn’t contain any rigorous exercise and it is very much suitable for people with knee pain or injury.

Zoe has performed thousands of hours of yoga moves and working as a personal trainer for women in her local yoga studio. She also has excellent public speaking skills. In all her videos, she speaks gently, clearly and slowly making it easy to understand.

These experiences and knowledge are solid proof of her authenticity and credibility as a professional yoga instructor.

Overview of Yoga Burn:

yoga burn reviewYoga Burn (aka Her Yoga Secrets) is the 12-week yoga weight-loss program designed for all those women who want to shape their bodies right from their home. Yoga Burn focuses on a technique called “Dynamic Sequencing” which teaches users about the basics of yoga poses and how to perform them correctly.

Yoga Burn divided into three phases containing three different yoga workouts in every phase. Users have to follow the program until the end to see visible results. Yoga Burn created for both beginners and advanced users. The Dynamic Sequencing technique is the secret of success for this program which helps users to perform yoga moves correctly for maximum benefits.

Yoga Burn helps you to shape your body and lose calories at the same time. As an additional benefit, you will gain great flexibility in your body. Yoga is a favorite form of exercise for many female celebrities and also much acceptable by women, this is the reason Zoe designed this program especially for women.

This unique yoga weight-loss program doesn’t include any intense exercise. So, if you want to tone or shape your body, then this program is best for you.

I hope this unbiased review answered many questions in your mind.

Now take an in-depth look at these three phases:

Breakdown of Yoga Burn:

As you all know, Yoga Burn divided into three phases and every phase is four weeks long. These three phases teach beginning moves, and they gradually get more intense helping users to burn calories quickly.

Phase #1 – Foundational Flow:

Phase 1 Foundational Flow

This foundational flow phase contains one introductory video along with three workout videos which are all about basics of yoga. In this phase, the primary focus of Zoe is to introduce yoga to her users. She teaches a variety of stand-alone yoga poses that combine to form a sequence.

Zoe introduces breathing in this phase and teaches how to breathe correctly during each yoga pose. Although Foundational Flow teaches basic yoga poses, however, it is fast-paced keeping users engaged and burning calories quickly.

Phase #2 – Transitional Flow:

Phase 2 Transitional Flow

In this phase, Zoe introduces three new set of yoga workout videos along with instruction video. As the name of this phase suggests, these three workout videos focus on transitions.

In this phase, Zoe teaches how to combine basic yoga poses she introduced in Foundational Flow with seamless transitions to create a sequence. Since users are now aware of basic yoga moves, the transition flow keeps them focus on feeling happy, eliminate stress in their daily life.

Phase #3 – Mastery Flow:

Phase 3 Mastery Flow

This phase is the third and final phase of Yoga Burn. After reaching to this phase users have now followed the program for two months and to send them off with a bang Zoe introduced a final set of introduction video along with three yoga workout videos.

This phase focus on maximizing the benefits to look and feel better and happy.

In Mastery Flow users are taught to combine all yoga poses and sequences shown in first two phases of Yoga Burn to form a comprehensive yoga routine to burn fat and eliminate cellulite. This third phase increases repetitions and combines both upper and lower body movements to increase metabolism and transform body shape.

Who Can Take Benefit From Yoga Burn?

Zoe Bray Cotton created Yoga Burn for women of every walk of life who want to follow done-for-you yoga program to get healthy weight loss. If you want to get in shape and don’t want to lift heavy weights, then this program is great for you.

Women who are pregnant can also take benefit from this program. Pregnant women can initially use Beginner Flow and Tranquility flow videos to remain fit throughout the pregnancy. Additionally, there is a list of modifications that pregnant women can use during each trimester of pregnancy. Even after delivering the baby, Yoga Burn can help in recovering the body without leaving the comfort of the home.

How Is Yoga Burn Different From Yoga Classes?

The main difference is, in Yoga Burn you don’t have to visit Yoga studio and step over sweaty yoga mats just to do same yoga poses every day. Yoga Burn is a progressive yoga program that is designed to provide results right from the comfort of your home.

Every yoga pose in this program selected by Zoe Bray Cotton who has years of experience in Yoga. This yoga weight loss program is designed to meet the requirements of busy women who want to shape up and experience weight loss without spending hours in the Yoga studio.

The Bottom Line:

Yoga Burn is the best yoga based weight-loss program for women who want to lose fat and get in shape. Above all, this program created by a certificated fitness instructor who has a history of helping numerous women in getting best shape of their life.

If you are seeking to bring more yoga into your life, then this is the best yoga program you can try. This yoga program needs your efforts, dedication, and patience to deliver results. Additionally, you will get 60 days money back guarantee if you purchase Yoga Burn directly from Zoe Bray Cotton official website.